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The humic fuvilc acid for water soluble liquid fertilizer -FAQ

February 01, 2021

I plan to produce water soluble liquid fertilizer with Humate products, can you help recommend us suitable type?

We recommend you our best young natural leonardite source Potassium Humate KH-PFA and KH-PFAS powder, or flakes, also named Potassium Fulvate, Fulvic acid, Fulvic Acid Fertilizer Grade, Humic Fulvic Acid, etc. processed through the unique anti flocculation technology, smaller molecular of fulvic acid, anti hard water to 15°DH /25°DH(267ppm/445ppm), completely soluble in hard water and acid condition, salt concentration of soil was reduced greatly and the acidic soil or alkaline oil are both converted to neutral after using this product, more functional group as hydroxyl,carboxyl and phenolic hydroxyl, excellent performance on deflocculation.


What is the Function& Benefits of Potassium Humate KH-PFA and KH-PFAS?

100% nature minerals fulvic acid

100% soluble humic fulvic acid

unique anti flocculation technology

anti hard water 267ppm-445ppm

completely soluble in acid condition,

improving saline alkali soil

the acidic soil or alkaline oil are both converted to neutral

increases root respiration and formation, enhance plant growth and yield

enhances PH buffering capacity

enhances photosynthesis and respiration.

increases cationic exchange.

The humic fuvilc acid for water soluble liquid fertilizer -FAQ

an improvement in the transport of nutrients, making them available in the areas of need.

an increase in the synthesis of proteins and nucleic acids, which will facilitate the action of enzymes formed with some

amino acids and micro-nutrients.

contributes to an increased exploitation of water by the plant.

positive effect on plant DNA and RNA.

increases enzyme activity.

acts as catalyst in plant respiration/organic.

increases drought tolerance and prevents wilting.

detoxifies various pollutants.

stimulates root development and increase plant growth hormones

increases plant membrane permeability during autumn and winter.


I am a beginner of producing liquid fertilizer with potassium humate, I want to try your product, how can I get 25kg sample for trial in a short time, is it possible?

Yes, it is possible, you just need pay the samples cost and shipping cost, then we’ll send it by express at earliest.


How can I make the payment to you?

We support the payment via Bank account, western union, Paypal, credit card, etc.


How many days we can get the sample after paying the cost?

We’ll use international express to ship the sample after receipt of payment from your side, the normal delivery time is about 7 days from the date of tracking no.


Our market need OMRI to import Potassium Humate in the future, do you have it?

Yes, our Potassium Humate have been listed by OMRI, we can provide you when you import it.


That is great, we also have client need base fertilizer to improve soil for field crops , do you have any available for recommend?

Our Active fulvic acid granular are new arrival as fertilizer, it can improve your soil effectively, with low cost.