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Resist El Nino, Protect the stable development of world agriculture KHUMIC in action!

July 08, 2023

In light of the El Niño phenomenon, many parts of the world have been experiencing extremely high temperatures since the beginning of this year. The prolonged high temperatures and severe drought have directly threatened crop production, resulting in reduced yields in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Africa, and South America. With the prolonged heat and drought stress, photosynthesis is inhibited, leading to stunted crop growth and increased seedling damage. Over 40 years of industrial practice have proven that humic acid fulvic acid is the "golden product" for agricultural drought relief.

El Niño phenomenon

1. Proper understanding and scientific use of humic acid/fulvic acid

products to enhance crop stress resistance. After extensive research and development, our company has successfully developed a few type of drought-resistant mineral fertilizer that combines humic acid, fulvic acid, and trace elements. Such as Fulvicmax, This fertilizer has been proven to improve soil structure, chelate trace elements, retain water and nutrients, resist drought, save water, reduce stress, minimize disasters, and increase yields. It is a competitive and effective choice for your agricultural needs.

El Niño phenomenon

2. How humic acid and fulvic acid enhance crop stress resistance?

2.1. Practical experience has shown that humic acid/fulvic acid can

adjust soil structure, improve water and nutrient retention, and enhance drought resistance and water conservation. In sandy soils, humic acid increases the cation exchange capacity, allowing for better nutrient and water retention, and improving the root's ability to absorb nutrients.

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2.2. Humic acid/fulvic acid can regulate the opening of stomata in plant leaves, promote osmotic adjustment under drought stress, reduce leaf transpiration, and minimize water loss.

2.3. Our 100% water-soluble humic acid/fulvic acid products can be used for foliar spraying and drip irrigation, enabling integrated fertilization while conserving water and nutrients.

2.4. Humic acid helps transform solidified NPK in the soil, improving

nutrient utilization and effectively mitigating the impact of drought on crop yields.

2.5. By chelating trace elements in the soil, humic acid effectively addresses deficiencies and further enhances crop stress resistance.

2.6. Humic acid stimulates root development, promoting the absorption and utilization of nutrients and water in the soil.

humic acid fulvic acid feedback

Given the global climate change, severe droughts will continue to affect many regions worldwide, becoming the new normal. The advantages of humic acid fulvic acid drought-resistant products will become increasingly prominent, leading to a rise in market demand. Therefore, KHUMIC, To achieve value by current action; to resist El Nino by our Bio-stimulant.