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Khumic wish you Happy New Year-healthy happy and safe

February 07, 2021

2021.02.12 is the traditional Chinese New Year. In order to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year, our company held an annual meeting on February 6, 2021. Facing the challenge of the Covid-19 epidemic, in order to prevent a large number of people from gathering, we decided to hold this annual meeting in the company's office. To ensure the smooth holding of the annual meeting, we have formulated a detailed activity process in advance and prepared materials.

Khumic wish you Happy New Year-healthy happy and safe

On the day of the annual meeting, every colleague came to the company early to clean up the venue, arrange the venue, and set up the stage. Near noon, colleagues with excellent cooking skills brought their specialties, drink the black water which is made from our fulvic acid pharmaceutical /food grade Each group tasted each other and scored the taste and color of each dish. After the rich and delicious lunch, there was a team-based talent competition and team games. Every colleague showed his housekeeping skills, songs, dances, cross talks, etc. taking turns to show, full of joyful laughter everywhere. The company also brought various prizes to colleagues with high scores.

Khumic wish you Happy New Year-healthy happy and safe

Happy times always fly by. Towards the end, the manager gave each of us red envelopes symbolizing good luck and wishful thinking. We hope that in the new year, every colleague will be in good health, everything goes well and work smoothly. At the same time, we also hope that the world epidemic can end as soon as possible and the people of the world can be happy and healthy.

Khumic all staff wish you the best for this 2021, much prosperity, health and good business.